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Are you a DFY service provider who wants to convert over 50% of your sales opportunities without pressure, pitching or pretending to be someone else? Then this is for you. In this value packed podcast, creator of the Matchmaker Sales method™, Aleasha Bahr, brings on expert guests with refreshing, unconventional views on sales and reveals secrets normally only available in her high end 1-on-1 coaching. Aleasha and her clients regularly convert 80% of their calls and show you how to do the same with the Matchmaker Sales Method™ - because if it’s a fit, it’s a fact and there’s no selling involved.

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Monday Sep 18, 2023

If you’re not getting the results you want from your sales when implementing mainstream sales strategies - I’ve got good news - it’s not you and it’s not that you’re bad at sales. 
Pushy sales tactics and manipulative language cause your customers to feel defensive and guarded. 
So, instead of building authentic connections and rapport that ends with a sale, you're encountering resistance, skepticism and “let me think about it.” 
If that resonates with you then this latest short episode of Sales is NOT a Dirty Word is for you. In it, I break down 3 mainstream sales tactics that destroy trust and offer up alternatives. 
All with the important note that if what you’re doing is working for you - keep doing it! But if it’s not, listen in. 
In this episode you’ll learn how to:
Manage your sales conversation with as much ease as a discussing with a friend which restaurant you should go to
Build trust from the first minute without “setting an agenda” 
Engage your prospect so that they actually LEAN IN when you pitch instead of putting a defensive guard up 
Discuss investment with transparency and trust instead of a “the first person who talks loses” game
Link to the sales level up opportunity mentioned in the episode:

Monday Sep 04, 2023

Selling intangibles is difficult - especially when you can’t show them the thing they’re buying or point to exact numbers like return on investment or money saved. 
There’s an art to it and it’s all about customizing it to the person you’re talking to. 
If this is something you struggle with too then this episode of Sales is NOT a Dirty Word is for you. 
My guest, Vinnie Potestivo, became a master selling intangibles during his time at MTV as an executive producer who needed to greenlight many of the shows we’ve come to know and love today (The Osbournes, Punk’d, Real Housewives, Wild n’ Out, etc.) 
And since becoming a producer he’s now one of the best brand and media advisors I’ve ever met. 
It turns out that taking the skills he learned in TV and applying them to the average human is incredibly effective. 
Listen in to discover: 
How to make intangibles into something tangible during a sales process 
The importance of ownership as a creative and how to successfully negotiate that for yourself 
How to “sell” intangibles to multiple people - and customize your “pitch” to each one for success
The power of saying “not now” and impact it will have on your career 
Vinnie Potestivo is one of those people I can’t recommend enough. If you’re interested in growing your brand, visibility and discoverability please check him out at and
Link to level up your sales mentioned in the episode here: 

Thursday Aug 17, 2023

Start selling more by taking less sales calls. 
Discover the game-changing strategy to pre-qualifying your leads that allows my clients to almost instantly triple their income. 
In this episode you will discover: 
The true significant of valuing quality over quantity in sales - especially as a DFY service providers with under 50 clients 
How to design a pre-qualification process specific to your business that makes clients excited to talk to you - and more likely to say yes 
The best ways to turn prospects who aren’t a fit right now - into future clients 
If you’re interested in the sales quick fix call mentioned in the episode, here is a link to book:

Tuesday Aug 08, 2023

The #1 difference between entrepreneurs who fail and entrepreneurs who succeed? Mindset. 
Your mind will take off like a wild horse if you don’t know how to reign it in. 
In the latest episode of Sales is NOT a Dirty Word, Derick Johnson and I talk through the strategies he uses for himself and clients to get past points of resistance and onto success.  
Listen in to discover: 
How lucrative life can be when you align personal desires and passion with every decision 
Become self aware of your limitations and how to manage them to become more successful
There’s a lot of advice out there y’all - know the signs of who to trust and who to tell “thanks but no thanks” 
If what Derick said resonated with you and you’d like to know more - you can find him at

Friday Aug 04, 2023

People who are natural at selling rarely end up putting words to what they do so well without thinking. 
And they often have the most effective sales strategies - without even realizing it. 
When they can’t explain it, that means others can’t learn what they do and implement it - until now.
What I’ve come to call authoritative empathy is a great example of that. 
There is no better way to inspire confidence, excitement and a “yes I want to work with you” faster than using authoritative empathy in your sales conversation. 
Curious? Listen in to discover: 
What people often confuse as empathy - and what empathy actually is 
How to instantly inspire trust by making your prospect feel seen and heard (something humans so deeply need and rarely experience) 
The power behind approaching your conversation as an expert guiding your prospect towards a solution 
The difference between what it FEELS like going through the standard sales experience and a sales experience using authoritative empathy 
If you’re interested in immediately improving your sales - here’s the link to book the sales quick fix call mentioned in the episode:

Thursday Jul 27, 2023

When you're in the business of serving others, and you LOVE helping others, it can feel tough to say no - even when it's in your own best interests. 
But setting boundaries is ESSENTIAL for your well-being and success. 
Especially when you get that gut feeling you KNOW you need to listen to - or you’ll pay for it later.
Trust me, been there and got the T-shirt 😛 
If this challenge feels familiar to you then this latest episode of Sales is NOT a Dirty Word is for you. 
Listen in as Jennifer Urezzio and I explore strategies for gracefully and confidently holding client boundaries while still providing value that makes them a raving fan of yours. 
In this episode, you will be able to:
See how intuition can be a game changer in your sales tactics.
Make your uniqueness your strength and see how it can benefit your sales.
Fill your sales discussions with positivity and contagious enthusiasm.
Learn to use emotional language to build spiritual connections with your clients.
Recognize the harm in overworking and the healing power of self-care in your sales profession.
To connect with Jennifer Urezzio please find her at :

Thursday Jul 13, 2023

Discussing investment at the end of a sales call - also known as “asking for the business” -  can feel as anxiety-inducing as a first date. 
The thought spiraling is similar - will they reject me, am I good enough, have I given the best impression? 
This causes people to speed through information, babble afterwards or awkwardly remain silent and the first one to talk loses (a very popular piece of sales advice many people loathe, myself included). 
Allow me to propose an alternative in this latest episode of Sales is Not a Dirty Word.
It’s an easier way to ask for the business that feels significantly more natural (for both the seller and the buyer) and is far more effective. 
In this episode you’ll be able to: 
Understand why experts say to stay silent after dropping the price - and why it doesn’t work as well 
Ask for the business in a natural way that invites transparent, collaborative conversation
Become an integral part of your buyer's decision-making process
Effectively address any buyer misconceptions
Alleviate discomfort and curb manipulation within your sales tactics
Link to the Sales Quick Fix call mentioned in the episode here:

Thursday Jul 06, 2023

This episode is for all my neuro diverse people - the people who tried their damndest to do things the traditional ways people say you “should” without success. 
You’ve tried creating the perfect lead magnet, sent all the right welcome emails - and it’s just not hitting right but you’re not sure what to “fix”. 
This is Katie Guenther’s specialty! Helping entrepreneurs uncover what works for THEM - because nothing is one-size-fits-all (although we usually go through our whole lives hearing a very different message). 
So, if you’re looking for alternative approaches to email marketing and funnels that work for YOUR brain and business - check out this latest episode of Sales is NOT a Dirty Word. 
Listen in to discover: 
How to simplify email marketing with tools you already know and enjoy
Creating buyers no matter how small your list is 
What to really focus on in your emails (hint: relationships!)
When and how to be honest with your audience in a way that ultimately results in buyers
If you’ve tried the traditional stuff and you’re interested in finding alternative marketing strategies that work for YOU - reach out to Katie at  or 

Friday Jun 30, 2023

Do you use proposals in your sales process? There are 3 HUGE mistakes I see most often. 
How do you know if you’re making them? You: 
Are getting ghosted 
Have to do a TON of back and forth on email to close the deal 
Have a long sales cycle because there’s such a delay from when you present the proposal and when they close 
Hear “that’s too expensive” or “more than we thought” often 
The result is countless hours on discovery calls, creating proposals and the never ending follow up asking “LeT mE kNoW iF yOu hAvE aNy QuEsTiOns” 🫠
If that sounds anything like what you experience - then this latest episode of Sales is NOT a Dirty Word is for you. 
Listen in to discover: 
Collaboratively creating a proposal together so they say yes - because it was their idea!
The best way to ask for budget 
How to respond when they say “we don’t really have a budget, just put something together.” Hint: DON’T DO IT!
Techniques in proposal presentation that make all the difference in someone moving forward
Uncovering timeline to make a decision that makes follow up easy 
When clients implement these tweaks they conservatively DOUBLE sales immediately. 
Click the link below to listen in and share with anyone you know needs to hear it! ❤️
Link to the sales quick fix meeting mentioned in the episode:

Tuesday Jun 20, 2023

As an entrepreneur, your voice is one of your most powerful tools. 
That's why harnessing the power of your voice to emotionally connect with people is crucial for improving your sales skills. 
In today's episode of Sales is NOT a Dirty Word, I'm joined by John Henny, an accomplished voice communication specialist who has dedicated his career to helping people from all walks of life improve their vocal skill,  discuss vocal techniques that can help you create an emotional connection with your audience.
Listen in to: 
Understand how the voice is the #1 carrier of emotion according to numerous fascinating studies 
How to set your emotional intentions through your voice and - become more persuasive as a result 
Utilize musical approaches that hold the listener's attention in conversational settings
Identify and sidestep popular vocal pitfalls in sales and communication scenarios - that you don’t even realize are happening! 
Become a more effective sales person and public speaker - all through the power of voice!.
You can find John Henny at or

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