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Are you a DFY service provider who wants to convert over 50% of your sales opportunities without pressure, pitching or pretending to be someone else? Then this is for you. In this value packed podcast, creator of the Matchmaker Sales method™, Aleasha Bahr, brings on expert guests with refreshing, unconventional views on sales and reveals secrets normally only available in her high end 1-on-1 coaching. Aleasha and her clients regularly convert 80% of their calls and show you how to do the same with the Matchmaker Sales Method™ - because if it’s a fit, it’s a fact and there’s no selling involved.

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3 days ago

Want to know the fastest and most unexpected way to increase your revenue and client retention? Clear boundaries.
People pleasers often think someone will like them more if they do more, never say no and go above and beyond. 
However, if you don’t let someone know what you’re doing is above and beyond then it simply becomes what’s expected and you quickly become burnt out. 
Then you can’t keep up that level of performance and the client leaves because quality declines (when in reality they just had mind-blowing quality before and had no idea). 
Listen in to discover how to:
👉Effectively set boundaries from the start that lays the groundwork for a successful relationship that you retain long-term before it even starts 
👉 Communicate crucial elements when you’re setting boundaries that give clients the context to be consistently impressed with your work
👉Kindly establish a boundary that paves the way to upsells and retention when a client asks for something out of scope 
👉 Avoiding common traps people pleasers fall into that suck up time and money in the  name of “potential” 
Don't make a deal based on potential. Make a deal based on what is in front of your face, the situation that you're in now. - Aleasha Bahr
Want to increase client retention and revenue while eliminating doing anything you hate doing? 

Thursday May 09, 2024

Are you tired of the same old spiritual advice? Stay positive, affirmations reprogram your mind, live at the frequency of the things you want to attract. 
It’s a lot of pressure to always feel good - or else suffer the consequences. 
This episode’s guest - Rebecca Quave debunks some myths about integrating spirituality into everyday life in order to create the incredible results you want.  
Myth 1: You have to be positive all the time to be spiritually awakened. 
Myth 2: Overcoming anxiety and depression requires distracting yourself from negative feelings. 
Myth 3: The ego must be destroyed for spiritual growth.
Get ready for a very different take on how to manifest, tap into your intuition, and energetically create all the things you want in your life. 
Listen in to discover:
What your mind wants and needs to settle down and provide you peace
The harmful consequences of toxic positivity and how to avoid them 
How to navigate negative feelings and situations without judgment or pressure to “stop having them” - which ironically allows you to move past them faster
The misuse of the “law of attraction” - and what to do instead to manifest your goals
Powerful exercises that feel like a cozy weighted blanket for your soul 
If what Rebecca discussed in this episode sounds helpful to you - I highly recommend checking out this powerful exercise. It’s the first one that really opened things up for me!

Thursday May 02, 2024

The mainstream way of handling objections is wildly ineffective. 
It’s convincing energy and it’s not convincing anyone. 
Instead, it ends up making the prospect feel dismissed and invalidated instead of seen and heard. 
It’s important to understand that objections are NOT something personal. 
Objections are concerns and what do you do when someone you care about has a concern? You explore it with them.
This approach is extremely powerful in a sales conversation. 
If you're ready to ditch the old, pushy sales tactics and embrace genuine, curiosity-driven conversations leading to long-term client relationships, then this is for you. 
Because only good sh*t happens when you approach objections with curiosity, not coercion. 
Are you in? 
Listen to discover:
Understanding the emotions around objections and how to manage them for success
The completely natural fears prospects experience before investment and how to address them in a collaborative way
The approach to objections that not only wipes out the need for pushing but also steers the conversation toward a place of relief and trust.
Finding the ROOT of the resistance for more effective conversations
Approaching objections as an opportunity to also understand if a client is a good fit for YOU (no nightmare clients policy!)
“You want to treat your clients better than you treat your prospects, and you want to treat your prospects like they're going to be your client for a really long time.” - Aleasha Bahr
Interested in mastering clear conversations and eliminating the need for convincing or discomfort around objections? Let’s hop on a call! 

Can AI Make Sales for You?

Thursday Apr 25, 2024

Thursday Apr 25, 2024

In the latest trend of business owners avoiding doing sales themselves or hiring salespeople - there has been a new movement towards AI “doing the sales for you.” 
It’s an interesting concept and one that Noah Jacobs is an expert on as he’s interviewed 100+ companies on what results look like using AI instead of humans. 
The results are…what you may or may not expect. 
AI has a place in a more effective and efficient sales process - but that place is not in the actual sales conversation but beforehand. 
Listen in to this conversation to discover:
Where automation costs you sales and where you can leverage it to make more sales happen 
How to balance automation with personalization for  a winning sales strategy that's both efficient and highly effective.
Using AI to understand your customers on a deeper level - and make more sales as a result 
Hidden dangers of over-relying on automation and learn how to steer clear of common pitfalls to maximize your sales potential.
How to leverage automation to enhance your sales game, driving powerful results without sacrificing the personal touch.
Visit Ultima Insights AI's website at to learn more about their automated research and filtering solutions for sales outreach.

Increasing Sales with Context

Thursday Apr 18, 2024

Thursday Apr 18, 2024

Does it feel like your sales conversations are simply falling flat? 
You feel like you’re saying all the right things but you’re not seeing your prospect’s face light up with the telltale sign of clarity and excitement (both required to sign up with you). 
The issue a lot of times is you’re not using language and wording, specific to your client’s experience, so they can truly connect the dots of what you’re saying and how it benefits them.
Similar to using too many buzzwords, if you’re talking over someone’s head they’re not going to buy what you’re selling because they don’t understand it. 
And a confused mind says no. 
Listen in to discover how to:
Assess a client’s psychographics to create better connections, higher-impact conversations and sales 
Use metaphors effectively in sales to paint vivid pictures and captivate your audience's attention.
Transform a skeptical prospect into a loyal client without pressure or tricks 
Essentially, You will see a lot more sales when you’re able to assess your client’s experience and provide language and wording that resonates. 
Book a sales level-up call to learn how to convert 80% of your leads without pressure, pitching, or pretending to be someone else here: 

Thursday Apr 11, 2024

Lead generation - especially for those high-ticket, high-quality, high-paying, long-term clients can feel impossible sometimes. 
Cold calling is the worst, the attraction marketing game takes forever and not everyone has a budget for paid advertising - especially in those earlier years.
Luis D. Carnejo found himself in the same position when he opened his content marketing agency with his brother. 
After COVID, they found themselves in a devastating position with 60 days of financial runway before they had to start applying for jobs. 
Luckily, just in time, they by chance landed on the lead generation strategy that turned out to generate $600,000 in 4 years without cold calling a soul. 
He breaks it down in detail for us in this latest episode. 
Listen in to discover how to:
Use a podcast to create incredible content and clients at the same time - the ultimate win/win
Build long-term relationships that bring in 4x the clients, exposure, and success 
Create an unforgettable experience for both your podcast guests and listeners 
Make lead generation the most fun you have in your business (seriously!)
The gross bait-and-switch way people sometimes use podcasting to get clients - and how to avoid giving your guests this e
Reach out to Luis on social media at @luisdacreates to join the waitlist for the upcoming group workshop on creating a podcast that inspires and brings in clients. 
The workshop is expected to happen within the next four weeks and is a great opportunity to simplify predictable lead generation for your business. 

Thursday Apr 04, 2024

Are you finally ready to scale your business with a salesperson? 
After building 4 teams over 4 years and taking them from $30k/month to $300k/month - there’s a lot I’ve learned from that process. 
Without a doubt, it’s THE fastest way to grow your revenue and get back time…if it’s done right.
This episode will cover the most crucial elements that - if done wrong - can create years of pain for an owner trying to scale their business with a salesperson. 
Listen in to discover how to:
Set your salesperson up to close from day 1 - instead of painfully “learning on the leads” and losing them. 
Create compensation, goals and expectations that are a powerful win/win for you both
Get buy-in from the start that sets your salesperson’s motivation on fire for quick wins  
Train them to be an even better version of you who converts more
Sales is not a one-size-fits-all. Somebody acting exactly like you is not going to bring clients in the same as if they could be themselves and represent you authentically. - Aleasha Bahr
Thinking about scaling your business with a salesperson? 

Thursday Mar 28, 2024

Does it feel like business is so much harder than it should be? That you know what you want, but you don’t know how to get there so you’re settling? 
This episode is going to bring you a ton of clarity. 
Business growth coach, Erin Marcus, has a unique combination of MBA, corporate, and life experience that allows her to laser identify the BS most business owners are buying into that makes everything feel harder than it should. 
More importantly, she shares what to focus on instead which will make it all easier. Of course, what works will be specific to you so this is not about one or two tactics. This is about getting laser clear on YOU, something that scares a lot of people but the reward is so worth it. 
Without being radically honest about what you want, what you like, and what you don’t like - you risk ending up with a business you don’t like.
In this episode, you will be able to:
Discover how to dig deep into self-awareness to create the business and life you REALLY want - instead of the one you’re settling for
Uncover what makes you more susceptible to bad strategies and how to avoid them in your business 
Determine whether your current issues are business-related or marketing-related (usually it’s NOT marketing although everyone mistakenly thinks it is!)
Understand the neuroscience dragging you down and how to successfully get around it
Plan for the future instead of planning for the now (which is ultimately not what you want!)
If what Erin said in this episode resonates with you, please check out all her resources at and her podcast “Ready Yet.” 

Wednesday Mar 20, 2024

Are you interested in higher quality leads and less nightmare clients? Then this episode is for you. 
You’ve definitely heard all about how you need to niche down and the “riches are in the niches” - which is true. 
Not enough people realize that you can make that attraction strategy even more powerful by layering on the philosophy “the more you repel, the more you sell.”
Purposefully repelling certain clients isn't about negative exclusion but rather about empowered selection. 
When you’re equally clear about who is not a fit and who is a fit - you’ll see a decrease of unqualified prospects and an increase in ideal client calls, revenue and time in your day. 
Listen in to discover:  
The powerful way to increase your ideal client’s attraction to you 
How to identify who is NOT a fit to work with you (beyond money and “not coachable” criteria)
The kind, respectful way to repel the wrong people that makes the right people even MORE likely to say “yes” to working with you 
Build trust and transparency as a pattern interrupt and become an ideal client magnet as a result
To improve your audience targeting and attract more of your ideal client, faster - book your call here: 

Thursday Mar 14, 2024

Have you ever wanted to start a business but, honestly, had no idea what to start?
You don’t need big ideas and I wouldn’t recommend affiliate marketing or an Amazon Store (if you’ve heard of those get rich quick schemes.) 
You can actually just start with a person you really enjoy working with and build from there. It’s much easier and has a much higher rate of success. 
Serial entrepreneur, Stuart Morris, has created a methodology that greatly deviates from the conventional approach and makes so much more sense.
He was very generous in breaking it down for us with actionable insights and steps in this latest episode! 
Listen in to discover: 
The secrets to creating sustainable and thriving businesses that can weather any storm.
How to put your customers at the heart of your business for unprecedented growth and loyalty.
The art of balancing your core values with financial success, creating a business that's both impactful and profitable.
How to create a legacy-driven business that succeeds faster - even if it’s your first 
If you want to find out more about Stuart’s methodology and innovative entrepreneurship course, please go here:

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