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Are you a DFY service provider who wants to convert over 50% of your sales opportunities without pressure, pitching or pretending to be someone else? Then this is for you. In this value packed podcast, creator of the Matchmaker Sales method™, Aleasha Bahr, brings on expert guests with refreshing, unconventional views on sales and reveals secrets normally only available in her high end 1-on-1 coaching. Aleasha and her clients regularly convert 80% of their calls and show you how to do the same with the Matchmaker Sales Method™ - because if it’s a fit, it’s a fact and there’s no selling involved.

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4 days ago

How do you know if your pricing is too high or low?
Are you feeling frustrated and underpaid? 
Are you feeling frustrated because people are saying they can’t afford you and it makes you feel pressured to discount yourself? 
These are challenges I hear often and frequently after 15 years creating custom packages and standard packages for every kind of industry you can imagine. 
There is a clear formula that will help you feel confident in your pricing - and that confidence when you deliver the price makes all the difference in someone saying yes! 
In this episode, get ready to discover how to: 
Master the art of pricing your offer effectively to increase profitability and success
Avoid undercharging and undervaluing your services to attract higher-paying clients
Shift from pricing based on hours to unlock more value for your expertise and time (and the ability to scale!)
Determine the tangible results you provide and the value of them 
Discover the importance of market research in tailoring your offerings to meet customer needs effectively
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Wednesday Nov 22, 2023

Do you have a problem in your life/business you’ve looked at from every angle and still can’t solve it? 
I would bet good money that you’ve got a dormant creativity issue. 
An issue that Patrick Williams, innovation expert, knows exactly how to solve. He’s the first person I’ve met who takes this particular approach and it is FASCINATING. 
Listen in to discover how to: 
Awaken your dormant creativity and harness it to drive innovation, overcome challenges, revolutionize your business and stand out in  the market 
Untap your potential and unlock endless possibilities in your business and personal life 
Experience the transformative impact of creativity on personal relationships and business success
The links that Patrick mentions in the episode are here: | |

Wednesday Nov 15, 2023

Few things turn off a buyer more than feeling like they’re talking to an evasive or pushy salesperson.
Even if the salesperson is someone with the best intentions, it’s the whole format of the traditional sales call that oozes sales sleaze.
You know what I’m talking about - the interrogative Q&A followed by a long winded pitch where only one person is talking. 
If you’re looking for an alternative that positions you as an expert they can’t wait to work with then this episode is for you. 
Get ready to: 
Understand how to seamlessly weave your pitch into the discovery section of your call when your prospect is most open to hear it 
Discover the power of empathy in sales and how it can create stronger connections, leading to more successful outcomes.
Have your prospect decide they want to work with you before you even get to the “pitch” section of your call 
Proactively overcome objections instead of defending or trying to “save the sale” at the end of the call when everyone is tired. 
Increase overall sales with significantly less effort 
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Wednesday Nov 08, 2023

Do you wish you could find a form of lead generation that didn’t feel either time consuming, soul sucking or expensive as hell? 
It’s time you knew about podcast guesting used as a form of lead gen! 
Kimberly Spencer, an award-winning coach and trainer, bestselling author, and founder of and CEO of Communication Queens, shares her podcast guesting strategy that generated over $200k+ in her coaching business from guesting on podcasts alone. 
Get ready to: 
Uncover the strategy to WHICH type of podcasts to target so you actually bring in leads 
Unlock the art of storytelling as a podcast guest to subconsciously sell your leads
Harness the healing power of sharing personal trauma and/or surprising interests to connect with your target audience for meaningful impact that turns into leads 
Discover the call to action that blends best for results as a podcast guest 
You can find Kimberly Spencer here :

Wednesday Nov 01, 2023

The holiday season brings Mariah Carey music, presents and…objections from your prospects. 
Unless you’re in retail you’ll usually start hearing prospects explain why they’re going to wait until the new year to move forward because of expenses, timing or a combination of the two.  
You find yourself wondering “why did you book a call then?” Well, because they really NEED your help during the holidays. 
Instead, they’re psyching themselves out thinking about the presents they need to buy and time off to celebrate.  
In fact, you might be thinking the same thing about yourself. Which leads you to buy your prospect’s objection and end up with little to no sales the last 2 months of the year. 
In this short episode, I break down an easy way to navigate this popular, seasonal sales challenge.
Listen in to discover: 
Creating offers specific to your customer’s holiday needs that make it easy to say “yes”
Understanding why the holidays are actually the BEST time to move forward 
Strategically structuring your sales conversations to head off holiday objections before they start
Examining your own holiday objections which could be affecting your sales conversations 
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Thursday Oct 26, 2023

Generating leads is a primary challenge for businesses, second only to the task of making sales. This hurdle stems from the amount of marketing paths available so it’s difficult to know which to prioritize based on your current stage in business.
Are you at the beginning, the middle, scaling? Either way, after growing 3 separate businesses successfully, Deirdre Tshien, the co-founder of Capsho has uncovered the repeatable secret to a constant flow of leads. 
The answer is in what she calls the 4 tier traffic pyramid and it’s all about layers. No one strategy will work in isolation - it’s all about combining them and sequence is important here. Deirdre is very generous in breaking it all down in detail in this week’s episode. 
Listen in to discover how to: 
Strategically activate content so it works for you to bring it leads - instead of only creating content for content’s sake
Get richly rewarded by becoming a good steward of the right social media platforms 
Leverage other audiences to successfully grow yours by giving first
Affordably scale your traffic and leads through paid ads (the LAST step!)
To learn more about Dierdre and Capsho go to 

Tuesday Oct 17, 2023

Do traditional, mainstream approaches to sales feel aggressive, overly masculine and unaligned for you? You’re not crazy - the majority of people feel like that. 
And unfortunately there hasn’t really been an alternative beyond winging it. 
So, if you’re not naturally good at sales - you’re doomed to struggle growing your business with uncomfortable strategies that result in hearing more “no” than “yes.” 
Until now. 
In this episode, Aleasha breaks down the structure of a cringe-free sales conversation that converts with her proven process, The Matchmaker Sales Method, that has sold approximately $15.2M in services up to this point. 
You’ll discover the step-by-step structure to an effective sales conversation that feels natural and results in hearing more “yes” than “no” that you can easily implement to increase sales starting today. 
Get ready to: 
Uncover cringe-free alternatives to each step of a sales conversation that effortlessly leads someone to sign up with you
Get clear steps to creating a conversational atmosphere that makes it easy to discuss investment and pricing - and easier for buyers to understand the value of your solution
Understand the philosophy behind cringe-free sales conversations compared to mainstream methods and why these more natural methods are more effective 
Become the trusted, expert guide for your buyer who empowers them to make informed decisions
Inspire honesty and transparency by managing expectations up front that set the stage for long-lasting, successful relationships 
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Wednesday Oct 11, 2023

The #1 element that impacts any and every company’s bottom line is leadership and most people have no idea what they’re doing. 
That’s where Angie Colee comes in. As a leadership and communication coach with decades of experience, she has proven approaches that diffuse tense situations and inspire employee loyalty you can’t buy no matter how much you’re paying. 
She’s sharing them with us in this value packed episode! And the parallels with effective leadership and effective sales are honestly uncanny. 
In this episode, you will be able to:
Inspire loyalty with simple practices that are far more effective than the standard “open door policy”
Diffuse tense situations in seconds and instantly create solution focused environments instead 
Open any tense conversation with 4 words that immediately reframe conflict into a collaborative, problem solving discussion
Create an emotionally safe environment that brings out people’s best 
Tailor your leadership strategies to each relationship (because leadership is not a one size fits all!)
If Angie’s real, raw approach to leadership speaks to you like it did to me then I highly recommend checking her out at and/or listen to her podcast Permission to Kick Ass. 

Thursday Oct 05, 2023

Buyers are more skeptical than ever before and, as a result, new methods of approaching a sales conversation are more necessary than ever. 
This is where mainstream sales often fails us by offering the same, tired timeshare-feeling strategies dressed in new wrapping paper. 
Instead, an entirely different approach is needed.
It's time to break free from ineffective mainstream sales tactics and discover the power of fitting in sales conversations.
Excited to make sales a whole lot simpler? Let’s go! 
After this episode you will be able to: 
Take the pressure off of the “pitch” part of your sales conversation, and make it more effective, as you seamlessly weave how they’re a fit throughout the conversation 
Establish an experience that creates trust, honesty and transparency - which means more sales and better relationships 
Reduce refunds and nightmare client experiences (because some money is NOT better than no money)
Master the art of discussing budget concerns proactively and offering alternative options that meet your prospect's needs while building trust and rapport.

Wednesday Sep 27, 2023

ADHD comes with a diverse bag of strengths and weaknesses that can be a blessing in disguise - once you know how to leverage them correctly. 
That’s what Diann Wingert - a former no-nonsense psychotherapist who has turned her skills towards coaching business owners with ADHD - shares with us in today’s episode. 
Diann focuses on assisting solopreneurs, particularly those who have big ideas and constantly overstimulated, busy minds to feel confident about standing out from the crowd.
If you’re looking for a way to manage the fine details (our kryptonite), your focus (what’s that?) and give yourself some goddamn grace then this episode is for you. 
In this episode, you will be able to:
Understand the signs of ADHD, where and how they present themselves 
Re-write the negative stories you might tell yourself about your ADHD traits (without knowing they’re ADHD traits). This one piece alone will free so many of us! 
Leverage your unique ADHD strengths (multitasking like a boss, visionary inspiration, succeeding with tight deadlines)
Overcome the challenges you experience with ADHD and no boss (prioritization, systems, follow through, details)
Manage your best ideas (because you have so many) to completion and success 
Understand rejection sensitivity, how it affects your sales success and how to overcome it

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